4th Grade in-class Bike Basics lessons by visiting SRTS instructors

One of our trained SRTS educators will visit your site to provide students with knowledge and training on the basics of safe bicycling.

Lesson 1 is a classroom overview/lesson reviewing basic bike safety concepts, including helmet safety

Lesson 2 puts the concepts introduced in lesson 2 into practice, with a “silent safety signal” intersection simulation in the classroom, where students learn the importance of laws and communication on the road. 

These two lessons combined will prepare your students for a 4th grade on-bicycle PE class (aka) rodeo, if one is scheduled at your site.  However, the lessons stand alone as well, if a 4th grade on-bicycle class is not taking place at your site this year. 

We book 4th grade Bike Basics lessons year round to enrolled sites on a first come, first served basis. To request a visit*, email our SRTS Education Team.

*limited availability, first come, first serve, as budget and schedule permits