Walk and Roll Days

Encourage children at your school to walk or roll on an ongoing basis!

Establishing a designated Walk/Roll Day at your school helps keep the momentum going after International Walk and Roll to School Day, and can be a base or catalyst for other encouragement programs, such as weekly or monthly walk/roll days, walking school buses or the Golden Sneaker awards.

Establishing a designated Walk/Roll day of the week (such as Walk/Roll Wednesdays or Footloose Fridays) at your school is a great way to ingrain Walking/Bicycling to school into your school culture. 

Celebrate your designated Walk/Roll day with a monthly Walk/Roll day "incentive" event (themes are great!), or choosing one or two months in a school year to hold weekly Wednesdays with an end-of-month incentive/reward. The Frequent Walk/Roll or Pollution Punchcard contests are also an effective 4-6 week long contest where a weekly walk/roll Wednesday table is utilized as a check-in/encouragement station for the kids.


International Walk & Roll to School Day is a great time to launch your ongoing Walk/Roll Day program - but you can launch your program at any time of the year with a fun Walk/Roll event!  A Walk/Roll event can be as simple as promoting the day and setting up a welcome table to greet students as they enter school on bike or on foot, or it can go beyond that and involve meet-up points, contests, raffles, and more.  Plan your event in line with your school resources and volunteer power! 

Please download our Walk/Roll Days Guidebook for instructions on how to plan your first Walk/Roll Event!  

Customizeable Flyers & Resources for a Monthly or Ongoing Walk/Roll Program:

Introductory Weekly Walk/Roll Day Flyers (all content, including day of week, may be modified):

Monthly (Themed) Walk/Roll Day Flyers (modifiable) and stickers

SRTS THEMES AND SAFETY CORNER: Monthly SRTS Newsletter Content in English and Spanish

As you encourage children to walk or bicycle to school, take the opportunity to spread walk/bicycle safety messages throughout the year.  If your school has a monthly newsletter, email blast, blog, or other form of communication that is disseminated to families, utilize our SRTS newsletter blurbs to encourage kids to walk/roll and/or for relevant content about bicycle and/or pedestrian safety.

SRTS THEMES & Safety Corner (English)

SRTS THEMES & Safety Corner (Spanish)