Briseida Aguado, 4th-5th Grade Essay Winner

Why is Walking Good? 

Living in Sonoma County gives me the opportunity to walk in a safe and close community. 

I can be walking with friends because it is not scary. I feel secure in my neighborhood. I sometimes walk with my classmates and peers to our school. When I walk I can feel free of my anger. I can also get fresh air. 

When you are walking your blood gets more healthier. When you are walking, your bones get stronger. You get healthier the more you walk. You do not get fat and you have more energy. At the end of the day, I feel good when I walk. 

When you go walking, you can help your environment. When you walk, you make less noise. When my mom or dad's car does not work, I go walking to my school or a friend's house. You and I can make less pollution and breathe better air quality. If you walk or ride your bike, there will be less noise in your neighborhood. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the environmental benefits of walking and leaving your vehicle at home includes cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change! 

When I walk, I see birds and butterflies, the sky and clouds. When I walk with my friends and family, it is easy to do. I walk, I like to make funny jokes, and I also like to sing. Sometimes I like to listen to music. 

Clearly, wallking and rolling to school is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is healthy, good for environment and fun, because when I go walking, I can see Mother Nature!