Charlie Johnson, 2nd-3rd Grade Essay Honorable Mention

Feet and Wheels

I think walking or rolling to school is a good idea. I am happy that our school has walk and roll days. I like walking and rolling for three main reasons. First, I like riding my bike. Second, it is good for the environment. Third, it saves money. 

I like to ride bikes because you can enjoy the neighborhoods around you. I also like the breeze of fresh air. Last, I get to save to people and it builds up a community. 

Walking and rolling is also good because it does not use gas so it is better for the environment. It also creates less pollution, and less traffic. 

Finally, I like to walk or roll to school because it saves money. We save money by using less money on gas and less money on your car. 

If you walk or roll to school you can get exercise. It is also good for the environment and money. Maybe there are other good reasons too. So get on your feet and wheels!