Green Sneaker Challenge

Challenge Kids to Walk, Bike, or Carpool to School for Four Weeks! 

The Green Sneaker Challenge is our newest contest to encourage kids to walk/bike/carpool to school at least once a week!  It can be implemented for any four week period. The Sonoma County SRTS program encourages implementation of the Challenge during a four week period between March-May, or during the month of October.  

Click HERE to register for the Spring 2019 Green Sneaker Challenge.  The Registration Deadline for 2019 is Friday, February 1st.  Supplies will be delivered to registered schools in March.  

Green Sneaker Challenge Guidebook - Read our guidebook for step-by-step instructions on how to implement the Challenge. 



Modify a poster with your Green Sneaker Challenge Morning Stamp Dates, print, and post at your site.

Tuesday Poster (Eng) (Span)

Wednesday Poster (Eng) (Span)

Friday Poster (Eng) (Span) 


Registered sites will receive a supply of printed copies of the following 8 1/2 x 11 color flyer to hang around school. Also may be utilized to advertise the Green Sneaker Challenge via email, backpack mail, facebook, etc.  

Tuesday flyer (Eng)

Wednesday flyer (Eng)

Friday flyer (Eng) 

Spanish Flyer (day of week not specified)


GREEN SNEAKER CHALLENGE CARD/BACKPACK TAG - SRTS will supply printed copies of the GSC card to registered sites during our Spring Challenge period. 

GREEN SNEAKER CHALLENGE LOGO (PDF) (JPEG) - SRTS will provide one printed poster of the Green Sneaker Challenge logo to registered sites during our Spring Challenge period. 

GREEN SNEAKER CHALLENGE DONATION LETTER (MS Word/Modifiable) - modify to request donations from local businesses/organizations

GREEN SNEAKER CHALLENGE NEWSLETTER BLURB (MS Word/Modifiable) - put this blurb in your newsletter to announce the launch of your challenge. 


We acknowledge the Green Sneaker Challenge original guidebook which was written and designed by Laura Kelly, Marketing and Outreach Manager for Safe Routes to Schools in Marin County. A special thanks to graphic designer Jermey Thornton for his beautiful Green Sneaker Challenge logo and parent school flyer.