Raymond Wang, 6th-8th Grade Essay Winner

Walk and Roll to School Essay

Right now, somewhere in the world there is someone whose time on earth just ended. Most people don't realize how grateful we should be fore the time we have been given on this earth. We squander it arguing with each other, earning money, and fighting, but to what avail? In the end, our time will end, no matter how much money you have, or how many medals you've earned, or how many fights you've won. Life is short, so we need to make our time on this earth count by doing things that will make an impact on the world. The majority of people in the world don't realize that they can help preserve something that will be needed for thousands and thousands of years by doing something as simple as walking instead of driving. I wrote this essay to tell you about how something as simple as a morning walk, can benefit you and so many others, and be very enjoyable at the same time. 

One of the reasons I love walking to school is because it's just fun. As you are walking to school or to anywhere really, the cool air can energize you, wiping weariness away with a cool touch, and it can refresh you as well. As you are walking you can enjoy seeing sights, like the morning dew, resting on leaves and grass like little crystals. You can also hear the morning birds chirping as they wake and start to sing. A morning walk with friends can allow you to socialize, talk, and joke around while also allowing you just to spend time with a friend. A walk is a great way to calm down and relieve stress from a school test or a hard day at work. A walk can not only be fun, but also a great way to stay fit. 

Another reason I love walking to school is because it helps me stay fit. An average of 160 million Americans are obese or overweight, and by simply talking a walk, you can help avoid that. Just from a one mile walk you can burn over 100 calories while also enjoying yourself. Walking also can be a great way to take a break from work, socialize with a friend, or ponder your day without distractions from other people living under the same roof as you. You don't have to go to a gym and pay expensive fees to use the equipment or spend lots of money on at home workout equipment to stay fit. You can use your own two god given feet to walk and exlore new places around without sitting in a car which can pollute the environment and release lots of greenhouse gases into the environment. 

I also love walkinng to school because it can benefit the environment and many other living things. A single ordinary passenger car can produce over 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year by itself. Multiply that amount by the total amount of cars in the world and all the cars in the world's nations produce around 32.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year! by simply walking to work, school, or anywhere you can help reduce your carbon footprint and save something that will be seen and needed for hundreds and thousands of years. By walking or rollig somwhere, you can save polar bears from losing their home due to global warming and stay healthy at the same time. you are helping save living, breathing, moving polar bears by walking or rolling somewhere. By walking or rolling somewhere you are benefitting not only yourself but others as well. 

In my opinion, walking and rolling is the best form of transportation anywhere as it benefits you and many others by letting you socialize, stay healthy, and protect our atmosphere. The next time you are about to drive somewhere, hopefully you will remember reading this and choose to walk or roll to school.