Register for International Walk & Roll to School Day!

International Walk and Roll to School Day is Wednesday, October 4th 2017

Click HERE to enroll in the Sonoma County Safe Routes to School Program and celebrate International Walk & Roll to School Day (no later than Friday 9/8/17)

Click HERE to report your event participation numbers (no later than Friday 10/06/17)

Click HERE to find out how to sponsor our 2017 event. 



  1. Walk and Roll to Days Guidebook:

    The guidebook provides a suggested timeline, tips, and suggestions
    for promoting Walk and Roll Days at your site, including but not limited to International Walk and Roll to School Day. Your event can be as simple as sending home a
    flyer, making announcements, and setting up a welcome table in front of
    the school – or you can take it even further and involve kids in
    promoting the event, other parents, and the community. 

  2. 2017 Customizeable Black & White Flyers: English (.doc) Spanish (.doc)

    Feel free to modify/customize the 2017 flyer for your specific school needs. Created in MS Word for Windows. If you have trouble viewing/modifying this file, email 

  3. IWalk/Roll Day 2017 Color Poster (11x17 PDF Eng w/date), (11x17 PDF, Eng/no date), (11x17 PDF Span w/date), (11x17 PDF Span/no date)

    Each site that registered by Friday, September 8th will receive a
    supply of printed (English) posters in mid-September. However, whether or not your
    site registered, you may distribute the attached electronic version of
    the poster electronically, print more copies yourselves, etc. Note: If you are celebrating your event on a date OTHER than October 4th, email to request a printed version of the poster where you can fill in your own date.

Donation Letter Template (.doc)

May be used to request donations from local businesses for healthy snacks, beverages, or even additional raffle prizes.

K-8 Schools that register before Friday, September 8th will receive a supply of small incentive prizes, stickers, and 11x17 promotional posters. Supplies will be delivered by Friday, September 22nd. If you registered and do not receive your supplies by 9/22, please contact