Taylor Nhey, 2nd-3rd Grade Essay Honorable Mention

Taylor Nhey's Valentine's Day Essay Report 

This essay will talk about the Valentine's day walk and roll event. I think walking and rolling to school is good for kids for many reasons because it makes kids more healthy, causes less pollution, and it's exciting for kids and adults. 

First, walking and rolling to school makes kids more healthy. Being active lets kids exercise and have fun coming to school! You will lose weight and eat more fruits and veggies. If you walk to school everyday you will not eat more junk food. Walking every day will improve your healthcare. Making kids walk more will improve their healthcare and bones. 

Next, walking to school causes less pollution. By riding cars forms a lot of pollution every day and night around the globe. Pollution is usually caused by cars, wihcih is bad for people when they are inhaling the air everyday. People shold stop driving cars, instead they should be walking or biking to work or school which puts less pollution in the air. Walking will help the environment and the air when people breathe in it. 

Finally, walking to school makes a more fun day and gives kids a higher percent of energy levels to the body. While walking to school kids get excited walking with their mom, dad, uncle or aunt together as a family. Morning walks is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. It's enjoyable for people to walk to school or walk to work for everyone of all ages. It'll be a fun enjoyable day for families, friends to all walk together. 

As you can see walking and rolling to school is great for people of all ages. Every day is important. that's what I saw in my eyes. Walking is healthy, less pollution in the air each day, and we can enjoy walking to school, walking to work, and anywhere else.