Safe Routes to School Educational Handouts

The following handouts may be posted on school/district websites, sent home via email or backpack mail, attached to school newsletters, passed out at events and more to promote bicycle & pedestrian safety and/or the benefits of walking, bicycling, and reducing traffic/emissions to your school community.  Preview thumbnails below, then click on the highlighted English and/or Spanish text to download handouts or, in some cases, customizeable Word documents.

Safe Walking

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Safe Bicycling

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Driver Awareness for Safe School Travel

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E-Bicycles and Safety

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Monthly Newsletter Content, Safety & Health Tips 


Insert thematic SRTS "blurbs" into monthly school or PTA newsletters.  Safety and Health tips also included for each month.  Pick and choose information you would like to include in your school newsletters!

(English, MS Word) (Spanish, MS Word)


Things Your Family Can Do For Clean Air

 (English) (Spanish) 


Everyone Breathes Air: Clean Air Quiz

(English) (Spanish)

Student/Parent Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety "Be a Roll Model" Pledge



Helmet Fitting Tip Sheet


How to properly fit a bicycle helmet (English/Spanish)


What Good is a Ton of Carbon 

concrete explanation of what "good" it does to save a ton of carbon.  May be customized to school-specific carbon savings goal
(English/Spanish, MS Word)

More Bicycle Safety Tips 

More comprehensive bicycle safety tips, developed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration