Golden Sneaker Awards

With the Golden Sneaker Awards, classrooms compete for the honor of being the class with the greatest % of walkers and rollers in a given week or month. This is an inexpensive and fun way to get kids motivated to walk or ride their bikes to school.

The number of children who walk/roll can be calculated in several ways:

  1. Weekly or monthly counts of Walk/Roll Wednesday drawing tickets
  2. Classroom tallies (teachers or parent volunteers can conduct weekly counts, or a tally sheet can be hung in each classroom where kids can easily mark whether they walked/rolled each morning, and volunteers collect tally sheets weekly or monthly to calculate points.


  • Golden Sneaker Guidebook - Details how to create, promote, launch and sustain a Golden Sneaker Award Program
  • Golden Sneaker Teacher Tally Sheet - This half-page sheet can be distributed to teachers on your designated walk/roll days to obtain participation counts from each teacher.  Can be included with attendance or lunch counts, or works great as a weekly distribution piece when printed on brightly colored paper and laminated!
  • Golden Sneaker School Tracking Sheet - Enter your weekly Walk/Roll participation numbers on this spreadsheet each week and/or month, and automatically calculate your weekly and/or monthly Golden Sneaker award winners!
  • Walk/Roll Day Drawing or GSA tickets - Utilize these tickets to calculate Golden Sneaker winners (and/or for raffle drawings) if utilizing your welcome table to get your participation counts. 
    “We do official Walk and Roll days on the first Wednesday of each month, awarding the sneaker on Friday to the class with the highest percentage of kids participating. It is a very exciting moment and there is keen competition, especially between grades 3-5. We’ll announce the pizza party prize in May, with the class with the most months of holding the coveted sneaker. Right nowthere is a virtual tie between these grades. A nice side note is that I can say unequivocally, more students are walking and rolling this year on a daily basis, and more of them are getting together at someone’s home to come in groups. Nice!” ~ Susan Olsen, Former Principal, Sebastopol Independent Charter School


CAN'T MAKE YOUR OWN GOLDEN SNEAKER AWARD? Enrolled sites may email our Safe Routes to School Team to request that we make one for you!