Pedestrian Safety/Skills Curriculum

The SCBC/SRTS Program utilizes the National Highway Traffic Safety Admininstration's (NHTSA) Pedestrian Safety Curriculum, a means tested, developmentally appropriate curriculum organized into five lessons that target the main areas of pedestrian safety: walking near traffic, crossing streets, crossing intersections, parking lot safety, and school bus stop and school bus safety. Each lesson builds upon each previous set of skills learned, building in difficulty throughout subsequent years, requiring greater problem-solving opportunities, and encouraging peer modeling and discussion.

SCBC/SRTS has also developed a number of alternative, age-appropriate, easy-to-teach lessons and/or worksheets that may be utilized as an alternative to the NHTSA lessons.

Some of the lessons require materials that are not available for download. Please contact to inquire about borrowing or purchasing such materials.

SCBC/SRTS Pedestrian Safety Lessons, Materials, and Handouts

Grades K-1

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Lessons

Alternative SCBC/SRTS Pedestrian Safety Lessons:

  • Use Your Head Before Your Feet - Students will learn a fun rhyme and practice using their senses while simulating crossing the street.
  • Safety Games - Students will learn basic traffic safety signal safety, reinforced through flash cards and playing Red Light, Green Light.
  • Pedestrian Safety Basics - Students will review basic safety rules. Each pair of students will write and draw a specific safety rule. In the second part of the lesson, students will play a guessing Jeopardy-like game to review these rules.

Grades 2-3

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Lessons

Alternative Grade 2/3 SCBC/SRTS Pedestrian Safety Lessons:

  • Steps to Safety - Students define pedestrian terms, identify safe places to cross and what is required to be a safe pedestrian, know the meaning and use of pedestrian signals, learn a pedestrian safety rhyme, and participate in mock "crossing the street" scenarios.
  • Neighborhood Safety Walk - Students practice the skills they learned in "Steps to Safety" on a neighborhood safety walk including demonstrating safe choices and behaviors when walking on a sidewalk in a group, and practicing safe pedestrian behaviors in a real world, yet controlled environment.

Grade 4 & Up

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Lessons

Alternative Grade 4 & Up SCBC/SRTS Pedestrian Safety Lessons & Materials:


Teachers guide with information regarding the purpose of the curriculum, physical education and health standards addressed, curriculum structure, materials for teaching, cross-curricular connections, and additional resources and works cited.

NHTSA PEDESTRIAN SAFETY CURRICULUM Correlations to Common Core State Standards (Coming Soon!)