A'Layla Knowles, 4th-5th Grade Essay Honorable Mention

Fun to Walk and Roll

Do you know what's really fun to do in Sonoma County California? Walk and Roll to School. Walk and Roll to school is when you walk to school or ride your bikes, anything except your car. You might be asking yourselves what is the point of walk and roll to school. Well, the climate is good for walking, you can spend time with your friends and family, and my school is RL Stevens. So, it will only take 20 minutes which is good because you can get a lot of exercise. I like to ride my bike to school but some people like to walk. 

There are many amazing things walk and roll to school can do for your health. For instance, let's say you're in sports, you need the exercise to get faster and stronger each day. It is also good to let all that energy out of your symptom for school, and you can talk to your friends on the way to school. Recently, I did walk and roll to School. At first it was boring, and now I'm doing it all the time. And if you walk and roll to school it will help with your body, like it burns fats. 

Do you know why walk and roll to school is good for the environment? For insteance, it will reduce gas emissions. Kelly Fenn, "You can reduce your carbon footprint massively by walking shorter journeys instead of driving. You'll also save on gas cost." 

Wallk and roll to school is fun for many reasons. Like on your way to school you get to see nature, birds singing, colorful butterflies, and the shape of the clouds. When I do walk and roll all you usually need is your shoes, but I bring a sketchbook to draw what I see along the way to school. Finally is that you can spend time with your family. You can race them, talk to them, and family adventures. 

In conclusion, these are the reasons why I think walk and roll to school is good for your health.