Task Forces & Collaborations

A combination of education, encouragement, engineering and engagement, and evaluation are necessary for safe streets and a thriving Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program.  Ongoing collaboration between schools, the city, law enforcement, and community stakeholders greatly strengthens these elements.
SRTS Task Forces or related Committees may be established in local jurisdictions to enable stakeholders to work together to identify and prioritize Safe Routes to School infrastructure projects and policies, and provide direction and support toward implementation of the program within that jurisdiction. Participants may include school and/or school district administration, city council, public works and/or planning staff, law enforcement, public health, community leaders, parents, and other relevant stakeholders. 
The Sonoma County Safe Routes to School Program can participate in or help facilitate local efforts to bring together school, city and community stakeholders.  For information/updates on what has been established in your area, click on the below links. 
Rohnert Park 
Santa Rosa
Unincorporated Sonoma County