Diana Ledesma, 2nd-3rd Grade Honorable Mention

Walking to School

I like walking and rolling to school because I can be with my parents. I can see a lot of teachers and I always say hello. It's really fun. Then I can speak with the crosswalk lady. She says hello, how was yesterday. And I say it was good. Then when the green light is on  we walk. Then she says have a good day, and I say you too. It is fun because she is nice. 

Then I get to school and I exercise. Then I give my mom a kiss. My mom says, "Bye baby have a good day." And she and Daddy does the same. 

I love to walk and roll to school, it's the best thing in the world. I love it and then I go to school. School is good, I love everything. 

I love to go walking because I am with my family. It's important to go in the crosswalk because you might get run over, and if a crosswalk lady is not there, go to the office and tell them that she is not here so they can call to see if she is sick or if she is in a trup so they will get a sub. 

Sometimes I go in a car but it is boring. I rather walk so I can exercise. If you ride your bike it is fun because you can earn prizes. And I love to ride a bike, it is the best thing in the world. You might earn stickers or a sharpener. I love all of them. It is fun to ride a bike or walk, you should pick one of them.