Emilio Cardenas, 6th-8th Grade Essay Honorable Mention

Take a Walk

Do you like walking to school or riding your bike? Walking to school is a good way of getting air. Walking to school is nice because you can feel all the wind blowing in your face. It is good for me to walk because I live really close to the school. 

Walking is fun because you get to go outside in the nture. Walking is good for people because you can get exercise. Walking is good for the environment because you don't have to use a car a lot.

If you walk you can prevent putting more pollution in the air. There would be less cars if you start or keep walking. There would be less noise in the streets if you walk or ride your bike anywhere. 

If you walk, you can get to know more people in the neighborhood. You can walk safely in the city because there's little crime. You can get to know more people if you walk, you can tell jokes, play games, and listen to music. According to Areavibes Street Safety for Kids and Teenagers, "Basic street safety includes steps to teach children when walking and crossing the street to and from school."

In conclusion, walking and rolling to school or anywhere is good, fun, healthy, and good for the environment. So, when you think about getting in your car, take a walk for a change.