Jennifer Mendoza, 6th-8th Grade Essay Honorable Mention

Why Walking is Good for You! 

Hi! I'm Jennifer, a sixth grade and I am eleven years old. I love to walk and roll to school, so that way I can get healthy by walking and not being in a car the whole time. I live in Santa Rosa, CA where it's a safe community for kids any age to walk and roll to school alone. In case parents can't take you, you can walk. Parents don't have to be afraid to let their kids walk to school or anywhere. The weather in California allows us to walk, even if it's winter. 

Walking and rolling to school is good for kids and adults because your body will start to build and you will get healthy. It's also good for you because your bones get strengthened. Other ways that walking is healthy is because you're burning calories and fat. You also sweat, which purifies your pores. Walking also works for stress. Your kids can meet up with friends and can walk together to school. 

Walking is good for the environment because it reduces pollution. Another way walking is good for the environment is that it makes cleaner air, less traffic noises, and fewer accidents. It also improves the living environment and natural resources. Walking can take less money on gas and car repair. Walking reduces vehicular exhuast emissions which improves the environment we live in. 

Walking and rolling to school can be so much fun because kids get fresh air and enjoy seeing cars and the beautiful day and the shining sun. Kids also love poking thec cross walking button. It doesn't take any equipment except a pair of shoes and closes, and for parents, a stroller for younger siblings or cousins. You can hear beautiful noises of nature, like birds and hawks. You can also see the beautiful sunsets, cloud shapes, and sometimes even colorful butterflies. 

In conclusion, walking and rolling to school can be healthy in many ways. Walking is good for the environment and can be lots of fun. You can sing, dance, listen to music, and talk to friends or also enjoy the sounds of nature. Walking is good for your stress and can change your mood.