Kamille Singleton, 4th-5th Grade Essay Winner

I Love Walking and Rolling to School

I love walking and rolling to school! 

At my school, every first Wednesday of the month is Walk and Roll to School day. Walking is healthy for your body. It is also good exercise. I like walking to school (or biking) because it gets you out of the car habit. Plus you lose calories and weight. It is good for the earth. It is a lot of fun because you are moving your body, and doing the work yourself. 

Instead of your parents always driving you, when you bike to school you are working your feet, arms, and leg muscles. When you walk to school you are working almost the exact muscles as when you are biking. We live .9 miles away. It's about a four minute drive, and a 20 minute walk. So when I walk or bike to school I leave earlier to get there on time. 

What we are learning in class relates to this essay. We are talking about how good it is to walk or bike to school (or any place close) is better than going in a car. It is better because if people walk more often, then that means there rae less cars on the road. People who live far can come to the park by my school and the principal is there to meet the students. There is a "walking school bus" where they walk from there to the school. 

Walking and rolling to school is good for the environment. When you walk, you are not using fossil fuels. It is good because there could be less accidents on the road. It is also good because when we walk we are not just sitting there, we are working our bodies. Walking can prevent air pollution, so we can breathe.