Lilly Strong, 2nd-3rd Grade Essay Winner

Making Memories

I like to walk and roll to school because it helps the environment, the plants, and the animals. Also me and my dad get to ride around and talk, tell stories and tell jokes like "what is a ducks favorite food? Quackers." And sometimes we walk as a family. We also talk and tell stories like the time me and my dad saw a dead racoon in the middle of the road and the animal control person came and took it away. 

Me and my dad also walk when it is cold and windy and when the cars drive by it gets even colder. We are thinking about taking my dog Summer to school. 

I don't like it when people never ride their bikes or walk to school. You should only ride in your car when you need to or when you are late to school. 

The first day of walk and roll day I saw a lot of people who came on their bikes and people who walk and a few people who came on their scooters. On the hot days we sometimes go to school by riding bikes and my mom asks, "Why are you guys going out there it is so hot?" Sometimes it is too hot to ride back. 

I remember one day I asked my dad if we can walk and roll when I am older and he said "If you want to we can." I want to do this more often. I think walk and roll is important because you make memories, spending time with family, get exercise, and help the environment. 

The End.