Maria Lopez, 4th-5th Grade Essay Honorable Mention

I Love to Walk

I love to walk to RL Stevens or ride my bike to school on Fridays. My school is in Santa Rosa, California in Sonoma County. In Santa Rosa, there is a lot of sun in winter. My school is a public neighborhood school. In the morning, I wake up with good weather. I live near my school which makes walking or riding my bike easy. I like to walk to school with my Dad, Juan and Mom, Luz. It is nice to walk with my family because we get to spend time with each other. 

Walking for health is part of walk and roll. You get a lot of air that is fresh. I think that walking a lot is good exercise. It will burn fat from your body, making your body healthy. It will improve your mood, it's going to make you happy exercising. Good blood circulation is great for your body, that means that it is healthy. 

Walking and rolling to school and other places. For one, walking makes less noise and less pollution because you don't use a car. When you walk, you have more better quallity. Reducing gas emissions is another effect that is good for the environment. According to walk and roll Peel's Benefits of Cycling, "Leaving your vehicle at home reduces air pollutants (walking and biking emit on greeenhouse gases)." 

It is fun to walk and roll to school. Playing games, telling jokes, and listening to music are ways to make walking fun. I like to walk with my friend Jorden. When we walk together, we see dogs and the blue sky. Walking and rolling is fun because it is easy to do. All you need to walk is shoes.