Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

A Safe Routes to School Task Force was launched in Windsor in 2011 with representatives from Windsor School District, Parks and Recreation, law enforcement and other community stakeholders.  The Task Force was a catalyst for the Town applying for a Federal Safe Routes to School grant that was awarded and implemented between 2012-2016 in the Windsor School District and included bicycle and pedestrian safety education and encouragement programs, the purchase of a mobile bike trailer and fleet, and SRTS engineering assessments for the K-8 public schools in town.

After the federally-funded program sunsetted, the town took over facilitation of the Task Force and it was renamed the Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The commitee is facilitated by the Town Public Works department. The Town also continues to fund ongoing education activities and the continued maintenance of the bike fleet/trailer. 
Visit the Town of Windsor Public Works web page for information and current agendas & minutes for the Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.