Sonoma County Safe Routes to School Program

Teaching kids hand signals at the Roseland School District Community Bicycle Rodeo - May 2013.
Getting ready to roll at the Miwok Elementary School 4th grade bicycle rodeo.
Aerial view of "Safetyville" course at Miwok Elementary School 4th grade bicycle rodeo.
Miwok Elementary students riding on the "Super Slalom" course where they practice controlling their bicycle, yielding, and using peripheral vision.
Miowk Elementary students getting ready to practice balancing, stopping and starting on the Turtle Race course.
Students at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo
Students at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo
Student enjoying himself at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo
Student giving the "thumbs up" at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo

2019 Safe Routes to School Bookmark Design & Haiku Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all the winners of our 2019 Bookmark Design and Haiku Contest! 

We had such a great response to the contest this year, with hundreds of entries from all over the county. Below is a list of our 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Winners and Honorable Mentions in each grade level category; 2nd-3rd grade, 4th-5th grade, and 6th-8th grade. Grand Prize Winners received $50.00 and had their winning designs printed for their entire school and the Sonoma County Library, 2nd Place Winners received $25.00, 3rd Prize Winners received a $15.00 gift card to Copperfield's Bookstore, and Honorable Mentions received a $5.00 gift card to a local bakery; Criminal Baking Company, Della Fattoria, or Sebastopol Cookie Company. Winners were recognized at an awards reception at the Central Santa Rosa Branch of the Sonoma County Library on Monday, April 1, 2019. Click on each winner's name to see a picture of their bookmark design and read their haiku!  

2nd-3rd Grade Winners: 

4th-5th Grade Winners: 

6th-8th Grade Winners: 

Grand Prize Winning Designs: 

Printed copies of Grand Prize winning bookmarks were distributed to the branches of the Sonoma County Regional Library in April 2019, and may be found, while supplies last, in the Children's Section Reference Desk. 

2nd-3rd Grade Winning Design, Rhiannon Pugh

4th-5th Grade Winning Design, Ella Louden

6th-8th Grade Winning Design, Cosmo Offenback


Thank you to the Sonoma County Regional Library and St. Joseph's Health Foundation for partnering with us and sponsoring our 2019 contest! 


2019 Safe Routes to School Bookmark Design & Haiku Contest

It's time for our annual winter art & writing contest, and this year we're teaming up with the Sonoma County Library and St. Joseph's Health Foundation to invite students to design and write a Safe Routes to School themed bookmark & haiku.  Download English and/or Spanish flyers and entry forms below. Entries due Friday March 1st.  Read on for details! 

Register for International Walk & Roll to School Day!

International Walk and Roll to School Day is Wednesday, October 3rd 2018

If you participated in International Walk and Roll to School Day in 2017, click HERE to enroll for the 2018 event (no later than Friday 9/7/18) (email if hyperlink is not working)

If you did not participate in 2017, Click HERE to enroll in the Sonoma County Safe Routes to School Program and celebrate International Walk & Roll to School Day (no later than Friday 9/7/18)

Click HERE to report your event participation numbers (no later than Friday 10/05/18)


  1. Walk and Roll to Days Guidebook:

    The guidebook provides a suggested timeline, tips, and suggestions
    for promoting Walk and Roll Days at your site, including but not limited to International Walk and Roll to School Day. Your event can be as simple as sending home a
    flyer, making announcements, and setting up a welcome table in front of
    the school – or you can take it even further and involve kids in
    promoting the event, other parents, and the community. 

  2. 2018 Customizeable Black & White Flyers: English (.doc) Spanish (.doc)

    Feel free to modify/customize the 2017 flyer for your specific school needs. Created in MS Word for Windows. If you have trouble viewing/modifying this file, email 

  3. IWalk/Roll Day 2018 Color Poster (11x17 JPEG Eng w/date), (11x17 JPEG, Eng/no date), (11x17 JPEG Span w/date), (11x17 JPEG Span/no date)

    Each site that registered by Friday, September 7th will receive a
    supply of printed (English) posters in mid-September. However, whether or not your
    site registered, you may distribute the attached electronic version of
    the poster electronically, print more copies yourselves, etc. Note: If you are celebrating your event on a date OTHER than October 3rd, email to request a printed version of the poster where you can fill in your own date.

  4. IWalk/Roll Day 2018 poster image only (color PNG image) (black and white PNG image)

Donation Letter Template (.doc)

May be used to request donations from local businesses for healthy snacks, beverages, or even additional raffle prizes.

K-8 Schools that register before Friday, September 7th will receive a supply of stickers and 11x17 promotional posters, and, if available, a small supply of incentive prizes. Supplies will be delivered by Friday, September 21st. If you registered and do not receive your supplies by 9/21, please contact  


Safe Routes to School Resource Center

The Sonoma County Safe Routes to School program organizes fun K-8 encouragement and educational activities to get more families safely walking, biking, and using alternative transportation to/from school throughout all areas of Sonoma County. Program offerings can be customized to fit your school's needs and schedule. All program offerings are free or low cost, although some of the popular events have limited availability. Explore this website; our Resource Center of encouragement and education programs - and more - for descriptions, downloadable materials, and information on requesting support at your school. 

This resource center website is your one-stop to learn about upcoming countywide events, download or request materials, get step-by-step instruction on organizing activities, or find out how to connect with other champions and associated agencies. This website is meant to provide all the information and materials to allow parents, teachers, school administrators, and other program "champions" to build and sustain Safe Routes to School in their schools and communities. Explore and get started! 

Family Bicycling Workshops!

Families are invited to learn how to ride together in a safe and fun way at our FREE Family Bicycling Workshops.

Fun games and a neighborhood ride! Test ride Yuba cargo bikes!
Kids receive a free blinky light! Join the Bicycle Coalition’s Safe Routes to School program certified
cycling instructors for a fun workshop for parents and kids. Children
must be able to ride a bike and ready to take to the road with their
parents. Parents are allowed to trail their children in trailers or
child seats too. Children and parents must participate in the clinic
together and bring their own bikes and helmets.
Register early, space is limited!

Sign up here!

Workshops are from 10:00am-12:30pm

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