Sonoma County Safe Routes to School Program

Teaching kids hand signals at the Roseland School District Community Bicycle Rodeo - May 2013.
Getting ready to roll at the Miwok Elementary School 4th grade bicycle rodeo.
Aerial view of "Safetyville" course at Miwok Elementary School 4th grade bicycle rodeo.
Miwok Elementary students riding on the "Super Slalom" course where they practice controlling their bicycle, yielding, and using peripheral vision.
Miowk Elementary students getting ready to practice balancing, stopping and starting on the Turtle Race course.
Students at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo
Students at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo
Student enjoying himself at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo
Student giving the "thumbs up" at Proctor Terrace Elementary Bicycle Rodeo

Over 11,000 participate in Sonoma County International Walk & Roll to School Day!

70 schools and over 11,000 students participated in International Walk & Roll to School Day on October 9th, 2013.  Thousands more participated around the world. 

Many schools organized walking school buses and bike trains to school to highlight and celebrate the benefits of choosing student-powered transportation to school.  At numerous schools across the county and nation, International Walk and Roll to School Day is the launch of an ongoing Safe Routes to School program that includes weekly or monthly walk & roll days and walk/bike safety education.  At Cali Calmécac in Windsor, a Walking School bus that sometimes reaches 100+ participants travels to school from the Town Green every Wednesday year round.  The Sonoma County SRTS education program includes an innovative Walk & Bicycle Safety assembly written and performed by the local Imaginist Theater troupe, bicycle skill/safety rodeos, and walk & bicycle safety classroom lessons. 

The SRTS program has had a tremendous impact at Proctor Terrace Elementary School in Santa Rosa, where Proctor Terrace parent and SRTS School team member Connie Sultana says “Traffic around the school and neighborhood is much calmer on ‘Walk and Roll to School Wednesdays’ and the school crossing guard, Pat, really earns her money that day. On an average day 20% of our students walk and bike to school. On Walk and Roll Wednesdays the number jumps to about 60%. Everyone is outside with smiles on their faces and you can feel the energy of the group. Not only is the exercise good for the health of our students and community members, but it really adds to our school spirit. Two years ago, I was the only one with a tandem bike. Now I have noticed about 8 more, which shows people are getting more creative with their biking too.”

The Sonoma County SRTS program is making a difference.  At schools implementing ongoing programs, preliminary data indicates an average increase of students walking and bicycling to school of 6%, with some of the county’s champion schools displaying a tremendous increase in students walking and bicycling to school.

Here are some pictures shared by a few of our participating schools!


Register for International Walk and Roll to School Day

International Walk and Roll to School Day is Wednesday, October 9th 2013

Click HERE to register for Sonoma County's Event (no later than Friday 9/13/13)

Click HERE to report your event participation numbers (no later than Friday 10/11/13)



  1. Walk and Roll to School Day Guidebook:

    The guidebook provides a suggested timeline, tips, and suggestions for organizing your event. Your event can be as simple as sending home a flyer, making announcements, and setting up a welcome table in front of the school – or you can take it even farther and involve kids in promoting the event, other parents, and the community. Note: If you are interested in any of the other guidebooks/templates referred to in the Walk/Roll guidebook, please email to request a copy. Spanish versions of all our guidebooks are also available by request.

  2. 2013 Flyers: English (.doc) Spanish (.doc)

    Feel free to modify/customize the 2013 flyer for your specific school needs. Additional flyer templates are available if you would like your flyer to include more information, such as “reasons to walk/bike,” suggested meeting points, etc. To request additional templates or receive a PDF version of this flyer, please email

  3. IWalk/Roll Day 2013 Color Poster (11x17 PDF), (8 1/2 x 11 PDF, English), (8 1/2 x 11 PDF, Spanish)

    Each site that registered by Friday, September 6th will receive a supply of printed posters in mid-September. However, whether or not your site registered, you may distribute the attached electronic version of the poster electronically, print more copies yourselves, etc. Note: If you are celebrating your event on a date OTHER than October 9th, email to request a version of the poster where you can fill in your own date.

Donation Letter Template (.doc)

May be used to request donations from local businesses for healthy snacks, beverages, or even additional raffle prizes.

Schools that registered before Friday, September 13th will be receiving a supply of pencils & stickers in addition to the posters. Prizes will be delivered by Wednesday, September 25th. If you registered and do not receive your prizes by 9/25, please contact us.



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